If the shrimp is not yet cooked and the sauce is getting too thick, add about ¼ cup of water. Keto Instant Pot Thai Shrimp Soup. So I have not yet shared any of my Instant Pot recipes here and I thought I would start with this amazing Instant Pot Coconut Curry Chicken Soup. They burn easily, so keep them moving. https://www.wholesomeyum.com/baked-keto-coconut-shrimp-recipe Spicy, rich, curry-based broth, with fresh shrimp, and vegetables. I eat it almost every time I go to a Thai restaurant. Anything doused in curry I will devour and this Shrimp Keto Curry is no different! NEVER MISS A RECIPE! It’s my go-to soup when we want something lighter and healthier for dinner. Who wouldn’t love a creamy savory keto recipe with shrimp with crunchy little bacon & shrimp? If your curry ends up a bit watery, mix 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder with 2 tablespoons of water, and pour it into the curry to thicken it. I love Saturdays Especially because I get to make this simple yet delicious Low carb keto coconut soup. … In a large pot, heat 1 coconut oil over medium heat. Tweet. This classic Thai soup is fragrant, light, and luscious yet creamy and comforting, not to mention dairy-free. These Keto shrimp recipes will inspire you to create a beeline for the seafood section on your next trip to the market! SUBSCRIBE Keto Coconut Shrimp. 15 mins. How to store keto coconut shrimp To be honest, I find that anything fried is best the day it’s made. The use of curry powder, canned coconut milk and fresh cilantro make this recipe an all around win. However, if you have leftovers, you can always keep them in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Join 10,000+ subscribers and have awesome low-carb, keto recipes delivered straight to your inbox! Coconut Shrimp & Bacon Keto Curry Soup. It was basically the only thing I ever ordered there, with shrimp scampi as a close second. It really brings me back to Thailand where Jacob and I would be having a bowl like this on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous sunset together. I love recipes that have...Read More » Thai Coconut Soup with Shrimp or Chicken. We’ve collect a list of our favorite Keto shrimp recipes, whether it’s a Thai-inspired shrimp soup with coconut and lime flavors or an easy shrimp and salad. Tom Yum is a clear, brothy soup, much more sour, sweet, and spicy, and is usually made with shrimp. 0 from 0 votes. Jan 4, 2020 - I always feel a little guilty in January when the weather in LA is warm Truth be told, I enjoy a good hot soup in the summer too! With shrimp, it’s Tom Kha Goong. Instant Pot Coconut Curry Chicken Soup – Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free. Enjoy! Print. One main reason that I like the Instant Pot so much is that everything has a more tender texture and deeper flavors due to the pressure cooking. 25 mins . Add the shrimp shells and quickly stir to cook them. Thai coconut shrimp soup is what some people might call, Asian comfort food. By Awilla. Keto Japanese Onion Soup; Keto Lemon Skillet Cake; For more ideas, you can check out our recipe index. Shrimp can also be a great way to get the minerals you need on Keto. This keto coconut shrimp is yummy and filling without all of the nasty extra ingredients and carbs! The combination of savory keto shrimp recipe and salty bacon with creamy curry broth is so delicious. or at least I used to! This Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup is one of the first recipes I posted on my site. Add just a little bit at a time. Shrimp are the most popular shellfish in North America and for good reason. 139 Shares. Oct 5, 2020 - I always feel a little guilty in January when the weather in LA is warm Click on the links to see the items used in making this recipe. If you like your soup extra hot, you can add some hot sauce to this Keto Cheesy Shrimp Soup which would make it similar to our fabulous Keto Buffalo Ranch Chicken Soup. Keto Coconut Shrimp Naturally, I had my fair share of their Cheddar Bay biscuits (and have since made my own keto version to enjoy at home), followed by copious amounts of coconut shrimp. Recently, I decided to experiment with a keto coconut shrimp recipe, and was determined to get that same crispy exterior, with an … It’s packed with flavor and really simple to make. Peel and devein the shrimp, setting the shrimp shells aside. This keto-friendly coconut shrimp recipe with a macadamia nut coating is delicious and ready in just 30 minutes. Ingredients. It takes me around 40 minutes to make and it tastes solo good even the picking eaters of … Tips when making keto shrimp coconut curry. The best way to still enjoy this favorite soup and make it be a healthy experience, perfect for keto is to make it yourself! Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup [Keto] This delicious and creamy soup is hearty and perfect for a summer night! Easy Low Carb Keto Coconut Shrimp Soup. When I get tired of meat and veggies soup is a go-to meal for me. Keto Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Keto Thai Coconut Chicken soup is perfect for the cool weather, especially when you’re wanting a little something different than your typical chicken soup. Just like our most popular soup recipe – Thai Tom Yum Soup – also known as Thai Hot and Sour soup, this simple Thai soup is bursting with flavor and tastes just like soup from a Thai restaurant – no need for takeout when you can make this delicious Thai Coconut soup at home. If it contains chicken, it’s called Tom Kha Gai. Thai Coconut Soup: a favorite! Marinate the shrimp in lemon and spices and set for 10 minutes 2 In a pan, on medium heat, add coconut oil along with onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and all spices until onion is welted I love easy soup recipes like this Coconut Curry soup. https://www.myketokitchen.com/keto-recipes/keto-creamy-shrimp-curry This dish is … Keto Instant Pot Thai Shrimp Soup is a delicious, creamy, low carb, paleo, and whole30 soup with Thai flavors of lemongrass, lime, ginger, red curry and coconut milk. Servings: Calories: 200 kcalAuthor: Stacey Prep Time 6 mins Cook Time 5 … Cook until they are red in color and lose any ammonia aroma. I have the 6 qt Instant Pot and I find it to be perfect for a family of four. Share. One thing I love about soup recipes (or stews, chili’s, chowders or pretty much anything eaten out of a bowl) is that they are relatively easy to make low carb and gluten free, without sacrificing flavor or texture. Pin 139. Here, it includes chicken and shrimp, but you can use all chicken or all shrimp; just adjust the macros accordingly. The former is a creamy, slightly sour coconut soup, usually featuring some sort of mushroom, cilantro, and very light veggies like baby corn. Unfortunately for me, the coconut shrimp found here without fail contains sugar-sweetened coconut and bread crumbs – making it not keto friendly at all. 10 mins. Now I think about it twice, first because being on a ketogenic type diet, I have to be aware of hidden carbs, and a lot of places put sugar in this soup. This velvety low carb shrimp Moqueca stew meets both criteria, and is the perfect recipe to transition from Summer into Fall with. BROTH • 4 cups Chicken Broth • 1.5 cups full fat coconut milk • 3 Kaffir Lime leaves (found in Asian Markets) OR zest of 1 organic lime You can also find these products linked in the recipe below. TOOLS TO MAKE COCONUT GRILLED SHRIMP. Propane Grill – Yes, yes, the age-old debate of propane versus charcoal. #Ketococonutshrimp The nutty flavor comes from the creamy almond butter that blended so well with the coconut and spice flavors! I love this Coconut Shrimp & Bacon Keto Curry Soup. Maple syrup for paleo, or this maple syrup if keto; You can make this Thai Coconut Curry Soup in a soup pot or Instant pot. I know when it comes to Asian foods, the Thai Coconut Soup is a favorite of many people. Keto Coconut Curry Shrimp and Zoodles have a homemade curry sauce that is smooth and creamy with just enough of that "sweet heat", to make it absolutely irresistible! https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/146035/the-best-thai-coconut-soup This soup recipe was inspired by the Coconut Curry Chicken recipe over at Dan Quibel’s Keto … Keto Coconut Shrimp is a fantastic Keto friendly treat that takes about 35 minutes and has 3 net carbs per serving!

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