Ice Plant (Delosperma) – An award-winning perennial that pumps out oodles of salmon and gold flowers in early to mid-summer and grows quickly and vigorously in well-drained sunny areas of the garden. There may be restrictions on planting it in these areas. But this plant with pretty foliage—and funny name—rarely becomes a problem for those who grow it in areas where it is already native. Galina ChetvertinaGetty Images. The Best Drought-Tolerant Ground Cover. Growing about 3 feet tall and 7-10 feet wide, it naturally spills down an incline. Snip some for cooking, or keep it trimmed back to manage its height. There are both woody and herbaceous plant covers from which to choose. I find that dense planting of shade tolerant perennials requires very little maintenance and minimal weeding, as long as they are adequately watered. While many shrubs give you flowers, the prettiest thing about Cotoneaster horizontalis is its colorful, red berries. There are more than 40 species of lamium, but the best are those that are flowering perennials like the … It can grow in full sun or partial shade and needs to have well-draining soil. Use pachysandra to cover deeply shaded ground. It does spread under the right conditions, but it is fairly easy to pull it out and keep it from taking over areas where it does not belong. The star-shaped leaves and lacy flowers offer a unique look with loads of texture. Liverleaf (Anemone americana, formerly classified as Hepatica americana) is a perennial wildflower native to North America. The best evergreen groundcovers for gardens. When not in bloom, the foliage provides an attractive, durable ground cover. Here are 14 ground cover plants that shouldn't try to take over (too much) and don't need a lot of care. It needs full sun to flourish. When grown as a ground cover, it is an easy-care plant that requires little maintenance. It likes full sun, but can tolerate part shade. This type of evergreen comes in an array of shapes and sizes. Asiatic Jasmine (Jasmine minima) This is a low-maintenance ground cover that is easy to care for. The leaves give off a fresh scent that makes this ground cover plant a fan favorite. Zones: 3 to 9. This type of shade-loving perennial ground cover plant produces small flowers in the spring. Aronia is a pretty low-growing native shrub that has tiny white flowers amid glossy green foliage. Today, this plant is used for ground cover in shady areas. It can even thrive in the acidic conditions under large pine trees. 3 Creeping Juniper. 1 Lily of the Valley. The leaves are fragrant, and deep pink flowers bloom from June through July. Care requirements for creeping phlox are few. Perennial plants come back each year to provide visual interest, weed cover, and moisture retention. If you find such a plant (and several are included in our list), then you may find that it is invasive. Its native habitat is wooded areas, so it is perfect for a shady woodland garden. The plant barely grows up to 1-1.5 feet tall and loves the sun. It doesn’t like wet feet, so make sure the soil is well-drained. Rock cotoneaster is a deciduous shrub. Why trust us? Creeping rosemary usually flowers during the summer, and the purple flowers stay through the beginning of fall. There are so many options to choose from, including old favorites like Pachysandra and Vinca, as well as small shrubs, perennials, and annuals. This is one of the few creeping plants that prefer moist areas with lots of decomposing organic material. While pachysandra, ivy, and myrtle/periwinkle are among the most common evergreen groundcover plants, you’ll notice all three of them are absent from the list of varieties I’m about to introduce you to. The best ground covers are low maintenance, stop erosion, cool the soil and beautify the landscape. *It thrives in wet areas. This sweetly-scented perennial spreads easily, so keep it in check by planting it in well-groomed areas like along walkways or close to the house's foundation. Interrupted fern, like bunchberry and liverleaf, is a North American native that can serve as a low-maintenance ground cover for shade. Moon Valley Nurseries carries many options including Lantana, Bottlebrush, Trailing Rosemary and more! Flowers provide the vital beauty needed to improve your landscape and add color to your garden. The 'Six Hills Giant' cultivar is a good choice for covering large areas. Its long, trailing stems have round chartreuse leaves and yellow flowers. ... One of the very best asters. Thyme. In spring, tiny white flowers add to its ethereal beauty. It grows in little clumps, likes moist soil, and prefers full to part sun. What plant labels typically fail to mention is that, under the right growing conditions, 'Amethyst in Snow' makes a flowering ground cover that will spread nicely. If you love having plants that will last for a long time, then you need to add perennials to your garden. Moss phlox blooms early in the spring, carpeting the ground with flowers in shades of purple, pink or white. While it prefers full sun, it needs regular moisture, especially during hot months. Water it during dry spells and give it a haircut at the end of its blossoming period. Dead nettle, also known as Lamium, is a low-growing perennial with silver-splashed leaves and bursts of purple, pink, or white flowers that pop up in spring and early summer. The success of many invasive plants is due to this means of spreading. While this may limit some of the choices, there are still plenty of options for the cold zone gardener. Kathleen Miller is a Master Gardener and Horticulturist with over 30 years experience in gardening and sustainable farming. Flowering ground cover plants for zone 4 may produce blooms in spring only or may extend throughout summer and even into fall. The plant forms a low, dense carpet and has an indefinite spread, sometimes spreading too vigorously in warmer gardens. You may already grow tall sedums. Ground cover plants are all-around problem-solvers: They retain moisture, control erosion, and provide habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. While pachysandra, ivy, and myrtle/periwinkle are among the most common evergreen groundcover plants, you’ll notice all three of them are absent from the list of varieties I’m about to introduce you to. Be quite careful when choosing a ground cover for shade. This tenacious perennial spreads rapidly, thrives in full sun, is cold hardy, grows in poor soil, and is drought tolerant once established. It has excellent resistance to damage by deer and rabbits. Wherever its branches make contact with the soil, it will put down roots, creating new plants. And, of course, you can snip off the leaves for cooking. "Place it at the front of your garden and watch it spread." In ideal sunny conditions, Amethyst in Snow will spread quite quickly, but you can control it easily by pulling out stray shoots. The horizontally-spreading branches of creeping junipers make a dense mat that weeds can’t penetrate. You can plant this drought-tolerant, low-maintenance ground cover at the edge of a rock garden or other space and more or less forget about it (except for occasional watering) during the summertime. "Phlox subulata is perfectly well-suited to our climate," says Richard Jauron, horticulture expert at Iowa State University. Planted in groupings, it makes a lovely ground cover. This old fashioned tough and aggressive perennial ground cover is a good choice for gardeners who want to grow low maintenance plants. The star-shaped leaves and lacy flowers offer a unique look with loads of texture. Moon Valley Nurseries carries many options including Lantana, Bottlebrush, Trailing Rosemary and more! Moss rose is an ideal groundcover for those who want an attractive alternative to grass in hot, sunny areas. It will tolerate most growing conditions, but it will do best in full sun, well-drained soil, and little water. Lawns might be the most popular, but they are not the easiest or best ground cover out there. This drought-tolerant ground cover for sun can be used for culinary purposes and usually grows to about six inches in height. However, sweet woodruff can be a good ground cover choice for dry shade, such as in areas under big trees. In summer, the leaves take on burgundy mottling on the way to becoming totally burgundy (hence the name liverleaf). As promised, we’ll be providing you with a brief overview of the twelve plants that are superb for ground cover if you have slopes on your property. The creeping juniper is a sprawling, creeping needled evergreen that grows to a maximum height of about 18 inches and with a spread that can go as much as 8 feet. 14 Best Low-Maintenance Ground Covers. It needs full sun to bloom best. It is evergreen, but some of the leaves may turn brown during winter. It prefers shade, but will tolerate some sun. While it may be one of the toughest (er, tolerant) plants out there, Lily of the Valley looks as sweet as can be with darling white bells dangling from strappy green leaves. It needs full sun to survive. Trailing Periwinkle (Vinca minor) Dragon’s Blood (Red Sedum) Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) Mazus (Mazus reptans) When several are planted together, they form a dense hedge that thrives in almost any type of soil and full sun. But in regions where spotted dead nettle is not invasive, it acts as an effective ground cover for deeply shaded areas. $18.95. Try to plant it in large groupings on a hillside or along the house's foundation to prevent erosion. Fix your garden’s trouble spots with these low-growing perennials, annuals, and shrubs. Perennial bugleweed (Ajuga reptans) is a member of the mint family that readily naturalizes in zones 3 to 10, growing best in average to moist soil, with full sun to partial shade. Always research your plant-selection choices to find out if the plant is invasive in your region or if it will spread too aggressively for your needs. If it's dry, it's time for thyme. Many plants are low-growing and spreading in habit and may be termed ground-cover, but the prime requisite of a good ground cover plant is to provide a rapid, dense cover, to suppress germination and development of weed seeds and to eliminate the need for weed control measures. Zone 4 ground covers must be hardy to winter temperatures of -30 to – 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 to -28 C.). While this glossy, strappy green is popular in the southern states, it can survive anywhere. Other ground cover plants for bees include Sedum, Pansy, Juniper, Holly, Ivy, and others. Although there are some perennial ground cover plants that bloom brilliantly in the shade, many rely more on foliage and color variations rather than flowers to create interest. The best evergreen groundcovers for gardens. Abundant flowers cover the mounding foliage in late spring. While most are grown for their foliage, many have colorful blooms during part of the year. If you're planting a shrub or perennial that you want to last from one year to the next, make sure it's suited according to your USDA Hardiness Zone (find yours here). When you buy Centaurea montana 'Amethyst in Snow', you may be thinking of it as an upright perennial plant with attractive flowers. As with creeping phlox and 'Amethyst in Snow', 'Angelina sedum' can be regarded as a "Goldilocks" ground cover. Low-growing mats of Creeping Thyme are covered in teeny purple or white flowers in late spring, which makes it a haven for pollinators. Autumn fern creates foliar drama combined with low maintenance. Bunchberry is a shade-loving deciduous shrub native to northern portions of North America. 5 … It spreads by reseeding, but it never will spread enough to become a problem. 30 Best Songs to Rock Out to This New Year’s Eve, What Our Senior Home Editor Wants Right Now, 30 Movies to Watch at Home on New Year's Eve, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It features tiny, fragrant leaves and ... Sedum. Low-growing varieties of sedum make easy-to-care-for ground covers, especially since its fleshy leaves retain enough water to survive dry spells.

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