And we made it pretty much as described with olive oil–I’ve been baking everything with olive oil the past few months for pretty much no reason whatsoever. And the first palatable use of amaranth I’ve found :). callback: cb phew! It said something to the effect of…”Ladies’ Home Journal would like you to attend a private brunch and cookie swap with the Barefoot Contessa!” I sat on the email for about 30 seconds and then decided..what the hell, what if it is legit and I really get to meet her! And coconut oil! And given the season, I think I’ll see what it tastes like with one of the winter squashes I can’t stop buying at the farmer’s market. basketpam — I don’t include the photo because I know a lot of people don’t like it, it uses a lot of toner, etc. Used Kim Boyce’s multi-grain flour mix for most of the flour. Very close! I used frozen bananas and chopped them in my mini food processor and added chocolate chips-highly recommended. I’m in love. Just waiting for motivation to strike. But, I was nervous if I brought it up they’d realize I’d made the list by mistake and take back the invitation. I haven’t made banana bread in years because it just wasn’t that good. I didn’t care for it. made a few changes – butter instead of oil, added some roLled oats and used extra brown sugar instead of syrup – all great additions :)). Find RECIPE ( links: (function() { I love my mom’s banana bread recipe, which I hand copied from her when I was in high school, but I’ll have to try this one soon! The millet is genius – I love the texture. Regardless of the recipe, just adding the millet is worth it. New here? A bunch of commenters have used a flax egg replacement, see #114, 132 and 201. So this is amazing – I can’t wait to try it! I am not sure how this would work without the sugar because I haven’t tested it; you might want to use more bananas to compensate for the lost sweetness and moisture. as soon as I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it. Thinking of making this for people who don’t eat eggs. My cat’s name is Millet (for real! A few months ago ate a muffin that crackled from what I learned was, get this, millet. You might even amp up the sesame flavor intentionally, adding toasted sesame oil or a spoonful of tahini paste to the batter. I am reading comments backwards so I just got to yours but I’m surprised that you’d leave such a long, negative comment on what you’d imagine the bread would taste like just based on the photo, and not trying it. (equal parts). I didn’t have coconut oil so used canola to keep the flavor neutral. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I noticed some people asking about the volume of bananas to use in this recipe. Delicious!! Made this tonight and it was absolutely perfect — not greasy, but very moist, perfect texture, not too sweet… With or without the millet, this is a great recipe! Looks so good. This is late but I noticed in the comments from last year that some folks are looking for a banana alternative. You can leave out the egg (I added an extra 1/2 tsp of baking powder to compensate), which is handy when your kid is allergic. It was nice to see how much you can play around with the proportions of fat and sugar in these quick breads! Aug 26, 2019 - Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! Used like 1/2 cup of syrup, I like sweet. But not (c,f, I catered my own vegan- & gluten-free-friendly wedding reception even tho I am omnivorous and have no issues with gluten) So if anyone has more questions of this nature, feel free to ask me. I also used two eggs and a half cup of milk and no oil. You might like my Jacked-Up Banana Bread too! No kidding. I also replaced the brown sugar with raw honey (1:1), also just as good. Deb, But the bananas you photographed for mashing – they weren’t nearly ripe, or overly-ripe enough to flavor your bread! batch of your chewy oatmeal cookies. Didn't have millet so substituted chia seeds which added a nice crackle. Sep 30, 2012 - There are a lot of good reasons to make banana bread: You have a pile of sad bananas on top of your fridge that have reached their life’s expectancy. Would chia seeds be an acceptable substitute for millet seeds? First published September 28, 2012 on |,,,, Hi Deb – I just saw this post today for the first time via your FB and Twitter. I just blogged about your recipe, and how I have added millet to chocolate chip granola bars as well. Smitten Kitchen. I was planning on making banana bread as a little welcome home surprise. Made these as muffins with poppy seeds instead of millet. I have tried few banana recipes. My daughter is allergic to coconut, and I’m trying to cut back the oil anyway. I’ve made it….an untold number of times. I love banana bread/cake with walnuts and will surely try this with quinoa instead because that’s what I have. @Shelley No additions or substitutions are needed, although when I don’t have coconut oil, I’ve used regular canola oil and butter and both have worked fine. It was very moist and very good. We end up with a crazy variety of sizes, based on where/when we got the bananas, and they’re almost always frozen before being put to use in bread. Each time I have made it, I’ve added a couple tablespoons of flax, and 1/2 cup of chocolate cups for some chocolately decadence. I also added a streusel topping and skipped the millet (since I didnt have any). a deliciously browned, fabulously crackly, flavourful banana bread…. I am looking forward to trying your recipe. Worked great and gave it that crunch. Just made it – very quick to put together and a huge success! I love banana bread and I think millet is seriously underused in cooking, so thank you. Thanks! Salt is listed twice in the ingredients – am I missing a second application? I did make some awesome swaps though: If anyone tries it with amaranth, please come back and post a comment. Didn’t have white whole wheat flour, so subbed regular whole wheat flour. Mmmm… I tried this today – wonderfu! and I love the new challenge of fitting these recipe lessons into 15 second segments. I made mine from frozen bananas (I froze for smoothies) and this was the best ever banana bread. So yummy and moist! I love millet – can’t wait to try this. I didn’t buy them because I have 3 weeks worth of sweet tart dough in my freezer that I made and don’t have time to finish yet. thank you. :). Sorry that I did not think about quinoa — which I also had — until I came back to post this and read what others’ did. Especially when jacked-up with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey! The second day (because that first loaf really didn’t last long), with pears that were about to liquefy in my fruit bowl (I omitted the cinnamon, but kept the nutmeg and clove). The crunchy texture sounds so good, it must make this banana bread even more addictive! For all those wondering, I ending up making the bread with hemp hearts and it worked beautifully! Next time Great recipe. I made this banana bread and brought a loaf into work with me this morning. Would you use the same amount? (I used cinnamon rasin, because that’s what I had.) Ahem, what I was actually about to say was, “haven’t you seen my jacked-up banana bread recipe? I’m thinking the next time around, I might sub in some pumpkin or persimmon puree for the banana. This looks so good; i don’t eat eggs however. Delicious. I added a touch of ground coriander to the mix, as well, since I love that flavor. I LOVE the millet crunch and since you’ve posted this, I’ve added millet to lots of other baking recipes. And so, I got to fussing. I made it with regular whole wheat flour and olive oil (instead of coconut oil). Required fields are marked *. I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative of banana bread… and bonus, I’m living in Kenya, which has an abundance of both bananas and millet… however, the maple syrup and whole wheat flour will be making its way over from Vermont. you’ve inspired me to make this bread not just super healthy but truly indigenous, packed with locally sourced, locally grown ingredients: for the flour i used whole wheat, sorghum (indian name: jowar), pearl millet (indian name: bajra), finger millet (indian name: ragi). I made this last night, used 2vcupd of flour instead of millet. The GF muffins turned out just as good as the wheat ones! (Usually more!). Just baked this and Wow. Also, couldn’t find the nutmeg. I love this loaf, love it! Baked in two smaller loaf pans for 35 min. Delicious! To sub for cocoanut oil, if you can’t or don’t want to use cocoanut oil for whatever reason you could probably use whatever solid fat thing you like (e.g. On the other hand, my five year old does not like them, but that’s why ther are tiny loaf pans so I can scoop out pre-millet batter for him. she dusts the top of the cake with confectioners’ sugar and it’s perfectly elegant. After we each tasted one I decided I’d better get back in the kitchen and make another batch right away as the first was gone almost instantly. The brown, spotty, past … Since I’m out of Millet (I used the last of it making this recipe over the holidays), I used Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips. :-). 1/4 cup (50 grams) uncooked millet. If not, it is ellael (at) gmail (dot) com. Wondering what you think about omitting the egg to make it vegan? I should next time. Hi Deb, can’t wait to make this. Your banana bread has been my go-to for the past 3 years, and everyone swears I’m an incredible baker because of it. It’s just fun. I used agave nectar as I was out of maple syrup and the family demolished it. So good…thanks for the recipe! I assumed it was meant to go in with the other liquids. I might just have to give it a try. I’m trying to drop some lbs, but I can’t resist making a healthy(er) treat like this. Anyway, I love figuring out how to make recipes vegan/gluten free/whatever because I have loads of friends and family who have various dietary restrictions for health or ethical reasons and even though I’m pretty catholic in my tastes I really like being able to feed everyone. 25 minutes at the same temperature. I made this today–the best banana bread I have ever tasted–and I’m a banana bread lover. Definitely a keeper. I go heavy on the spices, especially cloves, and it adds such a warm, fall feeling to the bread. Liked it better :). :). Was looking for something different than our regular banana muffins. I could definitely see bourbon going well in bread! ); I know it will change the texture, but I was wondering if I steamed the millet first would that be ok? ), and I don’t have enough wheat flour, so it was about 2/3 what, 1/3 unlbleached white. Large-diced pear with the skin still on + millet + sunflower seeds for crunch on top. :). 2) As I mentioned above, cutting the sugar to only 1/4 C maple syrup, left the bread just slightly undersweatened. I love the crackle! I had extra millet on the counter and after a quick internet search I found your recipe. The answers are, of course, no but due to a confluence of events — and yes, 24-hours-from-fruit-flies bananas were one of them; freezer-packing was another — I found myself making an updated banana bread last week and it was so lovely that it deserves a new mention. 1 teaspoon (5 grams) baking soda I love banana bread, this looks like such a great version! oh yes! I did want to let you know, Deb, that you forgot to include adding vanilla in the instructions – no harm, I added it in with the liquid ingredients, but I just thought you might want to update the recipe. I was wondering the same! I love the coconut oil in this. I made this today, with the coconut oil and barley / buckwheat flours and quinoa for millet. Oh no no no, do you know what you did now?! I’ve just finished working my way through all sorts of variations between this recipe and the Jacked Up banana bread recipe and I’ve found that: Millet is so much better than not millet! At least I am not going to be cheating on you with another blogger :). After reviewing the posts I thought about using quinoa for the crackle, but then I found some Wheatena on hand, which oddly enough had a recipe for “crackle cookies” on the back. On the other hand, that might be good because I may have gained some weight from the last two week’s of banana bread. I store my millet in the refrigerator so that it lasts longer, and I have it on -hand whenever I’m making this recipe! I haven’t, but I believe others here have. I think it’s done while they’re still in the peel. This is at least my eighth time making it – currently in oven in mini-muffin form for kids lunches. made it with a combo of those two and while it came out a lot darker in color than yours it was still deliciously moist and not dense at all. My son (just a few months younger than Jacob) requests banana bread with frightening frequency. Whisk in melted butter, then brown sugar, egg, and vanilla. My only substitution was 1/2 cup rye flour, plus some chopped bittersweet chocolate in today’s loaf per a friend’s request. Looks fantastic! Thanks! Coconut oil. It was plenty sweet and even my husband (who usually shy’s away from anything that’s reduced sugar) loved it. debio — Thank you for sharing. So, I put it in the fridge (figure there’s no harm) but then it is suuuuper difficult to scoop when chilled. I was craving banana bread and I am so glad I found it…and you! This is a dense banana bread, which is my favourite! Can’t wait to receive the cookbook. I like that this one tastes more like a nutritious bread and less like cake masquerading as breakfast. Just wanted to echo ESullins and Claudia above that rinsed (and not dried) quinoi worked great as a replacement for millet. Just made this again using a flax egg and Trader Joe’s ancient seed blend for a sailing trip. I’ve been totally obsessed with coconut oil for the last few months. This is one of, Holiday Croquembouche! Will definitely make again – glad to have a healthy banana bread. That’s such a good point about remembering the texture of food. I baked them in mini-loaf pans, so more like muffins. Ah.. uncooked millet… When I saw the first pics.. i thought it might have been something like poppy seeds … ths would also be healtheir… One can never get tired of banana bread and the various twists that people give it!! I loved the texture of the millet. Delicious. I live they you used coconut oil, I bet it adds great flavor. You like things that are unquestionably delicious. Pour mixture into prepared pan and bake until a tester comes out clean, about 40 to 50 minutes. I bet that would be delicious! I cook so many things from your site. This is an awesome recipe. I just pulled it out of the oven and they smell and taste DELICIOUS. Do ahead: Loaves keep well in the freezer, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, for a month or more. Both times my loaves have been golden brown and deeply flavored with banana. Thanks for sharing!!! Made it with a tablespoon of olive oil, 1/4 cup homemade yogurt, 2/3 cup brown rice syrup, and double the spices. Went for 1/3 cup of maple syrup. 3) Huge difference between using 1/3 cup olive oil (“healthy” tasting) vs 1/4 cup (“decadent” tasting). :). I may never make another banana bread again, Deb, and I ADORE your “jacked up” version. It took about 23 minutes and made 15 muffins, FYI. -added a bit of lemon juice to the mashed bananas Just pulled our crackly banana bread out of the oven and it’s to die for! I’m making this for the second time this week. I am definitely going to give this a try! I feel so deprived of baked goods! added a handful of nuts and a 1/4 cup of flaxseed, and it was a huge hit! Made this today as I wanted to try the millet in the loaf. He looks so grown up. I have always made it with the millet and absolute adore the crunch. And coconut oil. One question. I just made this today (snow day! Hi Deb- I just made this with a few changes: I sub’d butter for coconut oil and used all brown sugar because I didn’t have maple syrup. I’d recommend making it. I made this before when you first printed the recipe and followed the recipe as it was. In its next life, this will become French Toast Banana Bread. Just made, added pumpkin and made muffins instead. I was also wondering if you could sub quinoa for millet…? Properly stored, this should last at least a week on the counter (although it will likely be gone by then). Let me also say that I generally hate banana bread so if you love banana bread you will probably adore this recipe. The spouts are great. Can’t wait to try this! Hoping to find another banana recipe on your site I paid a visit… the timing couldn’t be better. Awesome! I posted my adaption and a write-up about how the campers liked the bread on my blog. I’m now a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, and biked 30km today to visit a city with a stove and oven (luxurious!) I made this with summer campers in a cooking camp last week after reading Ed’s comment about having an abundance of millet and bananas in Kenya (the camp theme was international cooking with kids – Cookbooks & Passports!). It took me a long time to find millet but it was definitely worth it. I have just one question: How can one be too busy to go to the grocery store, but not too busy for recreational muffin-baking? Thanks and keep on the good work! It worked really well; it’s one of the best loaves of banana bread I’ve ever tasted. I made this with quinoa instead of millet and it came out great! Banana alternatives — I am quite fond of my Zucchini Bread recipe, and also whole-grained it up this summer with no ill effects. ::surreptitious sliding of said bananas to Susane:: Thank you for another wonderful recipe, Deb! I imagine amaranth seeds would also work well in there; they pop like popcorn when toasted. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon I do however approach it as a guide and make a ton of replacements depending on what I have on hand or where the mood takes me. Jan 12, 2018 - This delicious banana bread roll is filled with cream cheese frosting. I love this recipe!!! I make us breakfast every Sunday for the week ahead, and try not to make things that are too cakelike.

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