Circe has an extremely strange set, centering around debuffing enemies while buffing up her allies. This skill should be levelled last. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. He can pretty much smash everything on sight. What days there is a huge chance of getting 「Gem of Caster」 in FGO. Fufu. Unlocks after 1st AscensionThis skill is pretty potent, indirectly improving the team’s damage output while also giving the enemy DoT. Okeanos Caster. 214k members in the grandorder community. Her Star gen is nothing much to talk about either. G&A Reviews 30,550 views. Casters have a base star generation rate of 11%. After all, Heracles is the son of Zeus with 12 lives to his name. Historically, there are mosaics and altars dedicated to Oceanus and Tethys, Titans of the sea from Greek mythology, that were left by Alexander the Great on his conquest. Could I get a pic? Plump Piglets is a single target Buster NP that turns an enemy into a pig while also dropping their crit chance for 3 turns on overcharge. У него крутые стартовые аккаунты и низкие... © Fate Grand Order (FGO) | Powered by GameA, Fate Grand Order General Discussion Forum. what more can you ask! The witch of temptation and depravity, famous in mythology. Bond Points. Circe is a young woman with long pink hair, blue-green eyes and fair skin. Also can heal himself. Days with increased chance of dropping「Caster Monument」required for FGO Ascension on a free quest. she's cute. Circe will enjoy being paired with servants that can buff her damage and NP gen while also benefiting from her team buffs. Okeanos, Greek (Ὠκεανός) for "ocean," is Iskandar the King of Conqueror's ultimate goal, to reach the end of the world and leave his footprints at the beach beside that endless sea. Nobody knows where he came from. This can be pretty potent in the higher level fights where bosses spam debuffs non stop. Ascension 2: I love you so much that I … Tips. 10:25 【Fate/MMD】SHIVER - Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works HD … However, as a Caster class servant, she takes extra damage from Rider class servants. Sanzang is a single target offensive caster. Circe, Heroic Spirit Traveling Outfit: Caster of Okeanos, Increase Mystic Code EXP from clearing quests by 50, Fate/Grand Order Fes. Servants with a high number of Arts cards can also help her Arts chain more consistently, ensuring that she has her NP up when her first skill is on cooldown. Band Of Corsairs. Free shipping . … Fate Grand Order Caster Gilgamesh Babylonia Acrylic Mascot Sega Key Chain. This skill should be levelled first. Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: Okeanos. Ascension 1: I have mixed feelings about being in this form. She will rely heavily on this to be able to NP regularly. Unlocks Interludes: The NP can be used in tandem with her first skill, using her NP twice in a row. This skill is especially strong paired with units like Robin Hood and Hassan of Serenity. Nothing much to be said here. QP. Price: US $28.63. Increase C. Star Gather Rate for all allies (3 turns)Remove all Debuffs for all allies. Innocent and pampered, her wiles in caring for another truly has the taste of a forbidden nectar. Medea (Lily) is a servant who renders Robin Hood‘s Sabotage useless. Jeanne is a powerful support servant for Circe, providing additional debuff support while also helping by providing survivability for Circe who has no defense or recovery skills in her set. Dive to blue is a strong partner to Circe, increasing Arts performance, increasing her NP damage and giving her a starting NP gauge of 50%, overall giving her a moderate boost to all the stats that she depends on. Okeanos Section 14 composes mostly of the many servants that the protagonist and Mash has faced. Pirate Ship. Deal damage to a single enemyInflict Pict to the enemy (stun, some certain enemies are immune to the effect, 1 turn)[Overcharge] Decrease Critical Rate for the enemy (3 turns). Item Information. 私掠船団. This skill should be levelled second. ), named after the highest law of magi due to their critical importance, are quests performed by the Chaldea Security Organization in order to reverse the eradication of mankind during the events of Fate/Grand Order. Notably, her ears are pointed, giving her an elf-life appearance. However, her NP is a Buster card, which doesn’t really make sense in her set. Caster of Okeanos Caster of Okeanos is Non-limited, and will be added to the general summoning pool after the summoning period ends. Jeanne also has a nice amount of Arts cards, helping Circe Arts chain more consistently. While the players won’t fight any servants in Okeanos Section 11, they’ll have to deal with a variety of monsters. She has a nice set of passive skills in territory creation as well as item creation, allowing her to land her debuffs easily as well as increasing her NP gen and Arts damage. This can be extremely helpful in a squad centered around critting, especially since it has a cooldown of 6 turns at max level. Rating: 7.0 / 10. Eden vs Medea - Saint Seiya Omega ita - Duration: 3:58. Caster of Okeanos is currently unavailable on the EN ver. She is able to Arts chain with herself which is extremely helpful to get her NP online. Very good. My long hair, it’s like a young girl’s, it won’t stay down. her damage is mediocore, she'll need more than her own kit to provide a strong damage. Adding to your cart. She wears a golden tiara, a light tunic with a short skirt, and gladiator sandals. Caster of Okeanos or Circe is a yet another caster with an offensive NP. See more ideas about fate, fate stay night, anime. This is where Okeanos Section 11 starts. Nice HP stat to stay longer on the field. Please try again later. Caster of Okeanos, aka Circe from Fate/Grand Order idk why I decided to skin her too but I mean her colors really works for skins nowadays also idk if I like short hair or long haired version better cuz they’re both great First Ascension: Terrible attack stat paired with Offensive NP that does not benefit from passives, Weird skillset that doesn’t really synergise together, Low NPgen for a servant that has 3 Arts cards. Available from the startThis skill is the standard NP gauge boosting skill. Servants that need a boost to their star gen will also benefit from her star gen buff while also doing more damage on their crits thanks to her defense drop buff. This page was last modified on 7 July 2020, at 19:37. Welcome to /r/grandorder, the central hub for Fate/Grand Order and all things … So how does she fare as a servant when compared to her fellow casters and damage dealers? Be the first to write a review. Level Up: Fufu, magical energy up! 10:25. However, one must be careful about how to refer to her. As the last boss for Okeanos Section 10 part 4, she’ll have a little more HP than a regular Caster Servant. Caster of Okeanos オケアノスのキャスター;キルケー 4★ 1445 8671 1960 12250 175 Nero Claudius (Caster) ネロ・クラウディウス (キャスター) 5★ 1677 10857 2007 13685 Available during the Dead Heat Summer Race! Adept in magecraft, being one of the few able to use sorceries of the highest caliber.— Casters have a base damage multiplier of 0.9x. An eternal maiden, with a tendency to fall in love and become deeply jealous. 5 Star Servants Tier List: Best Servants [5/9 updated!]. Table of Contents. But as the last man in Okeanos Section 14, your job as the magus of Chaldea is to defeat him and bring order to Okeanos. Details about Fate / Grand Order caster / Caster of Okeanos acrylic key chain FGO. It is the location of Chapter 3 of the main story. The Okeanos area was added to the game on November 5, 2015 (JP) and September 28, 2017 (EN). Other ways of getting 「Gem of Caster」. Let's travel the world to celebrate this great day. Fate Grand Order Wiki, Database, News, and Community for the Fate Grand Order Player! However, as the player begins to solve the singularity of Okeanos, a new enemy approaches. The reason why, after a certain point of time, she drastically cut her beautiful hair short - whic… After venturing around, Mash and the protagonist finally begin Okeanos Section 13: defeating Heracles. EXP. A not so mysterious Servant with interesting abilities to say the least. FGO Servant Spotlight for Caster of Okeanos. Circe has a normal Caster deck, Featuring QAAAB deck. $38.58. Ozy is self sufficient and does single target damage. Circe is able to support Robin Hood with her poison on her second skill. They're weak to berserkers, caster, assassin and rider. Circe has an extremely strange set, centering around debuffing enemies while buffing up her allies. Fate Grand Order Caster of Okeanos, stats, skills, noble phantasm, best servants to work with, team suggestion, best craft essences. Recommended number of servants. Quest Name AP Type Battle Enemies Class HP Bond EXP QP Reward; 呪われし海賊たち Cursed Pirates: 13AP Free Quest 1/2 3 Pirate Zombie Man, Male, Human, Humanoid, Undead, Demonic Dec 3, 2020 - Fall in love with Circe from the Fate series. Her hitcounts are pretty decent as a whole, but her gen stats pulls that down. Fate Grand Order Wiki, Database, News, and Community for the Fate Grand Order Player! The three hardest battles all throughout Okeanos Section 8 are the servant bosses. Formalcraft is great on Circe, ensuring that she has a much better NPgen while also pushing her Arts damage higher to make up for her low attack stat. Celebrating Fate/Grand Order's 3rd Anniversary!!! The stun also only lands on certain enemies though the conditions are not known at the current moment.

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