I will certainly keep you updated and come back with any further Qs. You’ll quickly see why this … This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Have just installed a big koi type filter…it works superbly, water much clearer, BUT cleaning the filter is needed every couple of weeks as it catches so much gunk. Be sure to closely follow the instructions on the product label, no matter what you decide to get! Some types of algae are actually beneficial to ponds, so long as there’s not too much of it. The only time we’d suggest keeping fish in a pond without a filter is with lightly stocked goldfish in a heavily planted pond with regular maintenance. Next steps – get into pond to cut back & remove all the dying leaves & foliage, then stop the filter & clean it out, whilst putting in the new aerator for the winter. When the batting is saturated with gunk, you replace it with a fresh piece and keep going. Can you recommend a water testing kit suitable for this pond? The hot tub is also under a tree, if that informs your answer at all. Thanks so much for your help, My well produces 10 gal a minute 24/ 7 I wanna use that water flow and make a pond 10′ by 22 with no Filtration In a small amount of fish would you recommend that. For lightly stocked ponds with small fish, they’re an interesting alternative to normal filtration that can help with water quality and provide a more natural feel to the pond. It’s wonderful to hear feedback from readers . Water quality – I’ve assumed it’s fine as the pond is very well established (a few rudd die every year but they breed there so some may die of old age); I have just ordered the NT Labs Multiple kit and will post the results over this coming weekend and will be hugely grateful for your reaction and view on whether I can turn the filter Off October-April, and if & when I need to add bacteria. 2) Although this wouldn’t remove the gunk itself, it would probably prevent some muck being kicked up and making it’s way into your filter system. Organic debris which falls into a pond will eventually decompose  as sludge and leak color, called “tannin“, which will make your pond a yellow brown color. Many Thanks! Looking for a safe, all-natural, and easy way to solve common pond issues? I don’t have electrical capability where the pond is located. For a pond like this, you may need a pump that moves 750 gallons per hour (gph). Nature's Pond 'All-Surface Cleaner' is natural and 100% biodegradable. Thank you so much for visiting the site, and for the compliment! We are proposing a 31.5″ wide pond surrounding a monument. It may be more natural than a plastic filter box, but it still requires an electrical pump to move sufficient water through the main plant chamber for filtration to occur. Particularly in Pennsylvania with so much vegetation about (it’s a gorgeous state, but certainly lots of leaves!). This powerful cleaner uses just two ingredients, baking soda and peroxide mixed in a small bowl. Good choice, and ideal for your size of pond. (Cold Water & Plecos), Do Pond Fish Hibernate? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Yes, concrete should be fine for that job. The algae is a recent thing really and is taking up about a quarter of the pond. FREE Shipping by Amazon. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. It is rain-fed only (no filter nor spring).The goldfish reproduced this summer and there are a few little ones in the mix now. Healthy Ponds® pond treatments clean pond water without the need for chemicals. For a full list of our favourite plants, check our main article on this here! By Robert Pavlis Pond scum is caused by an overabundance of algae in the pond water and is often a sign of significant nutrient imbalances within the pond. If you have goldfish in your filterless pond, adding aeration is even more important, as they’ll be competing with beneficial bacteria for dissolved oxygen on a daily basis. Arrives before Christmas. If waste compound parameters are looking good, this indicates to me that the water is healthy and bio-filtration doesn’t need extra help (bacteria supplements, more plants etc.). If a pump is too powerful, it can cause too much splashing (water loss) and noise. Use the paste to scrub tough to clean surfaces. The reason for this is because beneficial bacteria are at the heart of the filtration process, breaking down harmful substances into less harmful components – a process called the nitrogen cycle. Just like a filter box which has a higher amount of beneficial bacteria, a bog filter works the same as regular plants, although the higher concentration of plants and optimized water flow makes for better overall filtration. I dont plan on keeping fish but would like to make it less deep. Empress of Dirt Creative + Frugal Home & Garden Ideas. Very happy to hear the article was useful to you! thank you in advance for your input! Interesting opinions! First we got chickens, and the chickens needed a coop. Obviously plants, wildlife and fish all require some muck to survive, but simply cleaning a small area around the filter and pump may be all that’s needed to prevent major clogging. As well as this, water from our mains supply has high levels of both chlorine and chloramine – both of which are highly toxic to aquatic life. I was also thinking of, next spring, adding some more tench and adding some gudgeon but given that it is a much cleaner less muddy environment now is that a good idea? This is on top of a layer of approximately 2 cubic foot of flocor. However, due to the enclosed nature of ponds, and how easily waste substances can build, it’s very difficult to maintain good water quality as stock levels increase. These cookies do not store any personal information. The main reason why you may have been recommended to leave your filter on in winter isn’t so much for waste compounds, but for aeration and oxygen.