FUJI - CHRYSANTHEMUM FAMILY. Asked what flower represents their country, most Japanese are likely to point to cherry blossoms. Mums are deer resistant too and make very good cut flowers. across, while plants reach 18-36 in. Potted. Spider Mums are also known as Fuji Chrysanthemums, as wedding flowers that come in a variety of cheerful colors that add amazing brightness. We haven't lost an established Chrysanthemum due to cold in the past 6 years at least. After this there is a number, letter and the height range. All our Chrysanthemums are hardy in all but exceptionally harsh winters. You can’t beat the look of Chrysanthemum plants. Each plant on the website has a date range for when the plants can be expected to bloom. Blooms late summer to late fall in full sun to partial shade. These plants should now be pinched. Chrysanthemum Classification System: We use the National Chrysanthemum Society's classification system for our plants. To encourage more compact plants, better clothed with foliage, cut Chrysanthemums to half their height in early June. At the same time I remove all weak and spindly canes. dendranthemum, leucanthemum, etc.). We will be sending out an email after the 1 st of the year announcing the roll out of our 2021 Spring / Summer Catalog.. Our shipping season is now closed. Mum Plants, Mum Flowers, Chrysanthemums Cultivate mum plants for their eye-catching colors and for their gentle, sweet aroma that will perfume your garden in the late summer. is the genus (scientific name) of all pompons, mums, and disbuds. Chrysanthemums provide a lush green backdrop all summer to other blooming plants and great color and spicy-scented foliage in early to late autumn. Chrysanthemum is a genus in the aster family that went through a messy divorce several years ago, with most of the divorcees re-assuming their maiden names (i.e. The dark green aromatic leaves are rich in vitamin B and minerals. Our choice of colors. They make a welcome late summer and autumn show in borders and beds, with the added benefit of providing perfect cutting material for floral arrangements. Zones 4-10. For the sake of family unity, we continue to keep them listed under the more familiar name, chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums clump up readily and can be lifted and divided in early spring. The small potted chrysanthemums plants you planted around July 7 th will be 10 to 12 inches high by August 12 th and will be one single stem. Choose red mum flowers or group red mums with yellow and white mums for multicolored outdoor displays. This highly popular Japanese vegetable green has yet to be recognized as a vegetable in the West, so you won't find these greens in the produce section of the local grocery store. Flowers grow 6-8 in. Nothing adds romance to an autumn stew like a few flower petals sprinkled on top. All you do is break off the top 1 to 2 inches of the plant. Fuji - A variety of the spider mum except that it's not a spray flower. This does not delay their flowering and results in much sturdier plants. This plant attracts butterflies. Chrysanthemum Greens. Wholesale Mums for Sale Buy from 89.99 View Selection . Some commonly used terms are defined as follows: POMPON spray type of chrysanthemum… Shop today. Easy and bright, Chrysanthemum perennials from Bluestone are unsurpassed. Pollinator friendly, they provide late season nectar and pollen to foraging bees and butterflies. Chrysanthemum sp. Hardy Chrysanthemums. tall. The number and letter designate the flower class and flower size. A long blooming time and staying power as cut flowers make these a perfect addition to late season gardens. They are characterized by its long tubular legs and lack of central button.