We've taken the liberty to add Gingerbread Man's taunting chant as he evades his captors throughout the story: "RUN, RUN, FAST AS YOU CAN. YOU CAN'T CATCH ME, I'M THE GINGERBREAD MAN!" “I will devour you in a couple of bites!” said the pony, and began to trot after the Gingerbread Man. The woman put him in … Gingerbread man story book 1. Once there lived an old man, an old woman, and a little boy. Share your valued feedback and suggestions! But the monkey had jumped with one spring onto the lowest branch, and in an instant he also was at the top of the tree. “Run! Animals and the couple start to chase the gingerbread man falling action: Sits on the fox’s tail. Richard Scarry’s The Gingerbread Man | Originally published in 1953, The Gingerbread Man makes a perfect “Christmas gift, ready to … The traditional fairy tale tells the story of a childless woman who bakes a gingerbread man, who suddenly leaps up and runs away. She then cut out a lovely gingerbread man and gave him blueberries for his eyes and buttons and icing for his mouth and clothes. The old woman put him in the oven to bake. At the end of the lane, three mowers were busy cutting grass. But the nicest work was done on the head, for the top was frizzed up into a pretty sugary hat; on either side was made a dear little ear, and in front, after the nose had been carefully moulded, a beautiful mouth was made out of a big raisin, and two bright little eyes with burnt almonds and caraway seeds. I am the Gingerbread Man!”, Soon, a spotted dog saw the Gingerbread Man and joined in the chase. The boy was amazed. As soon as the gingerbread man was cooked, he jumped out of the tin and ran out of the open window, shouting, … The three mowers went back to their work. This time, we will not let him run away and be eaten by a cunning fox.”. Long ago there lived an old couple. After a while, the Gingerbread Man reached a farm. Secondly, there are so many crafts and activities to stretch the story and bring it to life! The Gingerbread Man raced faster than ever, and soon reached a riverbank. This week we used an envelope in a clever and crafty way to make a paper gingerbread house christmas craft. She mixed flour, butter and eggs in a bowl and then she rolled out the dough carefully. She put raisins for his eyes, a currant for his nose, chocolate chips for his mouth, and icing on his head for hair. The Gingerbread Man is getting away!”. Meanwhile, the little boy, the old man, the old woman, the spotted dog, the hungry crow, the three mowers, the two piglets and the pony had reached the riverbank, and seen the fox gobbling the Gingerbread Man up. The Gingerbread Man. As fast as you can! One day the little old woman was baking gingerbread. en español < More Mini Books DLTK's Educational Ideas - Print and Assemble Books Gingerbread Man The mini-books are quite simple with images that should appeal to young children and simple, repetitive words that children in Grade 1 thru Grade 3 should be able to read themselves. I am the Gingerbread Man!”. Short stories for kids in english moral stories for kids the gingerbread man song. The Gingerbread Man Story: The Gingerbread Man: Today's featured page: Complete the Picture But he jumped so fast and so far that he went right over the gingerbread man, and as luck would have it, he came down on the back of Towser, the dog, who had just scrambled over the wall, and whom he had not before noticed. But just as the dog jumped up, the little gingerbread man, who had been watching for the chance, quietly slipped between his legs, and climbed up on the top of the stone wall, so that Towser saw nothing but the cat running towards him down the walk, and behind the cat the cook, now quite out of breath. She joined the little boy, the old man, the old woman, and the dog in chasing the Gingerbread Man. He barked, “If I catch you, I will gobble you up.”. She rolled out the dough and cut out a gingerbread man. So, the Gingerbread Man climbed onto the fox’s nose. the gingerbread will be all baked to a cinder,” she ran down into the kitchen, and threw open the oven door. As fast as you can! Then the dog woke up in good earnest, and jumped up on his feet to see what it was that he should stop. Gingerbread man short story summary. And the cook called out: “Towser, Towser, stop the gingerbread man! Thus, the little boy, the old man, the old woman, the spotted dog, the hungry crow, the three mowers, and the two piglets were chasing the Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread Man: The Gingerbread Man Cut-and-Paste Picture Dictionary - A Short Book to Print. The gingerbread man crawled out to the furthermost end of the branch, and hung by one hand, but the monkey swung himself under the branch, and stretching out his long arm, he pulled the gingerbread man in. She would bake gingerbread cookies, cakes, houses and gingerbread people, all decorated with chocolate and peppermint, caramel candies and colored frosting. The words are: cottage, cow, fox, garden, gingerbread man, horse, man, pig, oven, river, and woman. Be careful when dealing with strangers.this emphasize the concept of “stranger danger” to little ones. A short, printable picture dictionary of words from The Gingerbread Man story -- for early readers. He gazed down at the water, and sighed, “Oh dear! Everyone was looking forward to the next Gingerbread Man that the old lady was planning to bake. She took some flour and water, and treacle and ginger, and mixed them all well together, and she put in some more water to make it thin, and then some more flour to make it thick, and a little salt and some spice, and then she rolled it out into a beautiful, smooth, dark-yellow dough. I want him for little Bobby.”, And when Towser first heard her calling he thought it was some one speaking in his dreams, and he only turned over on his side, with another snore, and then the cook called again, “Towser, Towser, stop him, stop him!”. So the old woman mended these ingredients until they formed a hearty dough, and she molded it into the shape of a small man, soon to be a gingerbread man. The Gingerbread Man (also known as The Gingerbread Boy) is a folktale about a gingerbread man's escape from various pursuers and his eventual demise between the jaws of a fox. Gingerbread man, three storytellers, old woman, old man, cow, horse, dog, two bears and a fox. Was this article useful? Run! Donate Now! What should we do to improve your experience? The old cook turned round as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast, for she was rather a heavy woman and she had been quite taken by surprise, and she saw lying right across the door-way, fast asleep in the sun, old Mouser, the cat. This is a short Gingerbread Man Story. A hungry crow flying overhead saw the Gingerbread Man, and she also wanted to take a bite. Then he held him up and looked at him so hungrily that the little raisin mouth began to pucker down at the corners, and the caraway-seed eyes filled with tears. The little boy waited by the oven. “OH!” said the gingerbread man, “I’M TWO-THIRDS GONE!”, Bobby gave a third bite, and gulped down the head. The instant the door was opened, with a hop, skip, and a jump, he went right over the square cakes and the round cakes, and over the cook’s arm, and before she could say “Jack Robinson” he was running across the kitchen floor, as fast as his little legs would carry him, towards the back door, which was standing wide open, and through which he could see the garden path. Share your valued feedback and suggestions. “Mouser, Mouser,” she cried, “stop the gingerbread man! Thus, the little boy, the old man, the old woman, the spotted dog, the hungry crow, the three mowers, the two piglets and the pony were chasing the Gingerbread Man. “Drop it, Jocko!” cried Bobby, and drop it Jocko did, for he always had to mind Bobby. The gingerbread man short story script. Gingerbread man short story summary. Now, if there was anything that Towser liked, it was going after the cat, and he jumped up the walk so fiercely that the poor cat did not have time to stop herself or to get out of his way, and they came together with a great fizzing, and barking, and meowing, and howling, and scratching, and biting, as if a couple of Catherine-wheels had gone off in the wrong way and had got mixed up with one another. “Run! The Gingerbread Man Once upon a time, there was beautiful little house in the countryside, which lived an old man named Tom and old woman named Maggie. But the old cook had been running so hard that she was not able to stop herself any better than the cat had done, and she fell right on top of the mixed up dog and cat, so that all three rolled over on the walk in a heap together.